Zarghuna Safarali


24 years old, 4th year at Ibn Sina University.

Zarghuna teaches at the Borderfree Center. She also co-authored a book of lesson plans in Dari for the Center. And she is part of the coordinating team, the media team and the accounting team. Last winter, she helped with the duvet project.

Her advice to someone coming to the center for the first time is to try and find a friend. Or, if you already have a friend, try to find more.

She hopes the center will allow people to come and relate to each other. She wants people to know why the different projects were started and how they can help people learn more about people they didn’t understand or see much of before coming to the Center. “Our purpose is to help every different ethnic group come together and see one another,” she says. “Sometimes when we have been hurt by people from another group, we find that we can’t see a person. We just see the label for that person.”

If people come to the Center and realize that there is no leader and that the Center wants people to be equal, they will hopefully feel comfortable. They will see different activities and this can help people understand how we can work together to reach various goals.

If we can help people who have particular problems communicating, this can also help build trust.

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